Night Time Diapering…

Lots of people that we talk to that use cloth in the daytime tell us that they use some form of disposable at night. The reasons are all over the place, need for dryness, not wanting to soak through, comfort, convenience, etc.

I never minded changing a damp pair of pjs myself on the few occasions that my daughter would drink enough the night before (or throughout the night) to actually wet through, but then againI had a pretty airtight system in place.

If dryness is your number one concern, a couple things can help:

Pocket diaper with a suede cloth outer such as bumGenius is a great choice – or a fleece liner (or both!) Those will help wick the moisture into the diaper and away from your baby’s skin.

If absorbency is your main issue, then you probably have a supersoaker like I did! The materials that I found that absorbed the most moisture were

1. Hemp

2. Bamboo

The biggest issue I ever had with hemp is that if my daughter peed really fast or hard (all at once, when she got older) sometimes the hemp doesn’t absorb quickly enough. That is why most hemp inserts are a combo of both hemp and cotton, the cotton has that quick absorbing ability and the hemp holds tons of moisture.

I couple of diaper combosthat I found to workespecially well at night – hemp or bamboo fittedswith an extra prefold or tri fold insertlaid inside, all covered with an airtight cover (I used thirstiesor wool). My other tried and true combo that I used for both night time and longer outings where changing might be tricky – a pocket diaper (we used BGs, Hugga Buns and Fuzzi Bunz) with double inserts, typically I would use the largest hemp insert that would fit in the diaper and then one of the micro fiber inserts that come with all the pocket diapers (microfiber on top of the hemp for the quick absorbency). We very seldom had leaks!

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