Rash Trouble-shooting…

We hear so many Moms and Dads talk about different types of diaper rashes and we give out lots of advice as well as having the unique opportunity to learn lots of great things from our friends and customers as well.  We thought we would share some of that insight and hopefully at the same time get our readers to give their advice or ask questions at the same time.

First thing is first, figure out what is causing the rash – then you can treat accordingly.  Here are the things we usually find are the culprits.

1. It’s yeast.  There are lots of ways to treat this – prescription, over the counter and homeopathically.  Talk to your health care provider if you suspect your baby has a yeast rash.  It’s also important to make sure your diapers aren’t re-infecting your baby with yeast after they are being treated.  Usually a couple of really hot washes and a hot dry will do the trick – but some stubborn yeast will take a boiling to be gone for good.

2. It’s an allergy.  This could be due to the material of your diaper, your detergent or both (don’t forget about your wipes and/or wipes solution as a culprit too).  It also could be that your diapers have a build up.  Not all inexpensive detergents that you buy at the grocery store are bad if your baby isn’t very sensitive, but they do tend to build up quicker on the diaper and require boiling or stripping more often.  If you suspect that your baby might be allergic to certain materials, start by cutting those diapers out of your rotation that are made of man made fibers – microfiber, suede cloth, non organic fleece, etc. 

3. You are leaving the diaper on too long between changes.  This happens usually if you are lucky enough to have a baby that sleeps through the night, or takes long naps.  If you are lucky enough to have this problem, your baby’s rash could be from prolonged contact with urine or what some people call an “amonia burn”.  If you suspect this is the culprit of your baby’s rash, try using a paper, silk or fleece liner between the diaper and your baby’s skin.  These liners will often help wick the moisture away from his/her skin well enough to last them through the night or a longer nap before starting to irritate that delicate area.

4.  It’s a food allergy.  Lots of parents don’t consider this, but it is definitely something to mention to you baby’s practitioner if all else fails and the rash still persists.

5.  Baby’s bum needs a little airing out each day!  It may sound messy, but its true and works like a charm.  It’s amazing what a little air time each day can do for the health of a little one’s diaper area.  Try putting down a large beach towel and even a trash bag underneath if you have a heavy wetter!  This is also a great opportunity to start learning your child’s elimination cues and perhaps get a head start on potty learning.

There are definitely many other types of rash out there, these ideas are just the most popular reasons that we find as the cause for diaper rashes.  If you suspect that your baby may have some other problem or a more serious rash, please see your pediatrician or homeopath.  We welcome all comments, questions and suggestions – have a great day and Happy Diapering!

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